Friday, April 20, 2012

Hand Me Down Event Tote Board

For me:
1 tank top
4 pairs of shorts (this is huge, I didn't have 4 pairs of shorts when I was skinny)
1 pair of jeans
1 fine gauge sweater
1 chunky cotton sweater
1 super stretchy tank dress
1 stretchy work top
2 pairs of workout pants
2 skeins of chunky worsted yarn
5 balls cabled cotton yarn
1 small cone of unusual art yarn
2 framed pictures
1 original watercolor
1 seen-better-days-purse that I got to salvage zippers and buckles

For Peanut:
1  Hanna Andersen tunic
4 yards of floofy pink chiffon (will be a skirt someday)

For Mr. Knittykat:
1 never-worn shirt in his unusual size, in purple!

For my friend Jess who couldn't make it to the event:
1 black dress skirt
1 cone of black wool cobweb yarn

Things that didn't work and I will pass on:
1 pair of black work pants that are too short
1 coral colored tshirt which is too short
1 winter jacket for Peanut with a broken zip
1 black dress which may hit the sewing table for modifications

Out of all that stuff, that's pretty impressive success rate.  And all of this fits right out of the bag--a couple things are missing a hook and eye or something like that, but nothing needs major alteration.  I'm thrilled!  A few new tshirts and I am totally set for summer!


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