Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Best Way to Do It

Over the weekend Mr. Knitty helped me declutter my kitchen. He took everything from each cabinet and put it on the table. Then I had to sort and then rearrange what was left to fit appropriately. I was surprised by the impact removing only 2 large boxes of stuff had. Some stuff got thrown out too. As I was rearranging each cabinet I kept asking "Where is the rest of the stuff--this cabinet was SO full??" It was a very nice "problem" to have.

Encouraged by that, yesterday morning I gave my hall closet and my right-by-the-door cabinet the same treatment. It feels sooooo nice to look in there and see the coats hanging all nice, my totebag collection thinned out a bit, and a space on the top shelf for my bag of reuseable grocery bags.

On that front, my mission to reduce my use of plastic bags has been succeeding! Now that I shop at Whole Foods, I not only remember to take my bags, but I buy less stuff and so I don't need to remember to take as many :-) That little 10 cent rebate is quite a motivator :-) Maybe I will put my 10 cents in a jar and see how much I save.

Next up is my wardrobe. I'm going to take everything out of my closet and my dresser and put it on the bed. Then I'll just go through it and see what I wear, what I don't, what doesn't fit, and what I need to fill in the gaps.

My goal with the wardrobe is to fit my entire wardrobe into my dresser and closet, including my sweaters. I have stored them a number of places and I never wear them because they're not right there where I get dressed. I am hoping to clear space for them in the dresser drawers. As a last resort, I may invest in a new piece of furniture to put them in.


  • At 1:26 PM, Blogger ladyjanewriter said…

    Congrats on really tackling this! Bonus points to Mr. Knitty for the extra help, too. :0)


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