Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Did you miss me?

Well, I've still been knitting but also travelling and dealing with life's daily challenges, so I haven't posted in a while. But I'm back, so don't worry :-)

Still working on the Koigu shawl in the much-easier Charlotte's Easy Lace by Lily Chin pattern. It's relaxing and soothing and also beautiful. Now that the rows are getting loooong I sort of want it to be done because it's less satisfying to work on it for 2 hours and get, like, 4 rows done than to whiz out a whole couple of inches!

Made it to the toe of the entrelac sock and am trying to force myself to DO THE OTHER SOCK. I like doing the pattern but I keep messing up and getting distracted, so it's a lot less fun than, say, regular socks.

Still need to correct the bind-off on my Opal socks but I've been wearing them anyway--just scoooootching them carefully off my foot to get past the tight bind-off.

Working on a cardigan that couldn't be done. Have only about 600 yards of cushy wool yarn and am working top down, and someone said I needed at least 900 yards but it doesn't appear so--I think I'll actually have some left over! Am contemplating working sleeves in the round so I have NO finishing whatsoever! Must purchase size 11 DPN.

Still working on the pullover from the sportweight Marr Haven wool. It's not that I'm bored with it, just that I keep finding different ways to make it MORE perfect, so I keep changing it, putting it off until I figure out a specific issue, etc. It's divine to work with, which is definitely a plus!

Finished a crochet scarf and a little knitted collar. Need to buy ribbon to finish collar. Not starting any new projects until I'm done with some of these!