Thursday, September 01, 2011

Sprouts ya'll. I have SPROUTS

For real! I do!

And on the way home last night I passed a "free" pile which I of course cannot resist. I found a big box of light bulbs (I'm sure at least SOME of them are still good--they're still in their boxes) and a little pair of hand weights (the size I use for Pilates class!). I love free piles. My family kinda laughs at me. But I view it as just an extension of recycling. My "free pile" finds include:

*a wooden end table with a large drawer. (I painted it with paint I already had, and added knobs I already had.)

*a "big wheel" trike for Maggie (it's missing a handle, but she doesn't care, and I believe she prefers it over her actual bike that I paid retail price for).

*a nice little wooden chair in a mid century style. (I replaced the seat fabric with fabric I already had; the padding was still in good shape).

*a beaten up putter (my dad cut it down and polished it for Maggie, using a grip he already had)

*a hand painted twin bed frame, with a wildflower scene. (the only thing it needed was finials for the posts, which my dad turned for me on his lathe. We actually used it for months before we had the finials though; they were just cosmetic. It was my guest room bed and now it's Maggie's bed.)

And this doesn't even begin to include the free things I've gotten from friends, family, coworkers, etc!

But you know what?

i have sprouts. :-)