Monday, November 14, 2005


It's November, you say? And I haven't updated this blog since....February? You're kidding!

Well, life has been busy for me. The TV fast worked out very well for a time and then, after Easter, I went back whole hog. You would think the wonderful feeling of not having my day eaten up would be a motivator, but no. Oh well. I found the real solution to the problem....moving to a house that does not have free cable.

So, as everyone who reads this knows, I moved in August. To a wonderfully large house (at least it feels large to me!) not far away from my old one. I now have a kitchen where I can actually eat at the table, a dining room where I can seat more than 2 people, a real family room, and a dancehall sized living room! Not to mention I have 2 1/2 bathrooms (you can pick where you pee!) and 3 bedrooms! And a closet!

We are currently getting settled and enjoying our new place and buying new stuff for it. Just yesterday we ordered a dining room set and bought a new computer desk. We've also been painting (the previous owners had awful taste) and I'm sure they're not reading this but if they are.....It would be nice if you got your wrinkled Baptist butts over here and helped me eradicate the repulsive gray you were somehow posessed to spread over every paintable surface in the house!!!!!


Lately I have been enjoying getting some good knitting time in. I have been enjoying the purple shawl that I finished just in January. I also am on the neck of the long suffering pink sweater that got ripped and reconfigured at least 3 times. The whole thing is sewn together and once the neck is done I can WEAR the freaking thing! I can't wait--it looks so pretty and I am hoping to wear it on Thanksgiving!

I also ended up ripping the Cardigan That Couldn't Be Made, as it was more the Cardigan That Shouldn't Be Made...it was ugly. I turned it into a sleeveless hoodie vest with a zipper that is a triumph of blocking--I think I added 6 inches in the blocking process and it fits perfectly!

Other than that I am booking along on some Christmas presents--but I'm not saying what they are because my Nosy Rosy friends will then see what they are getting!

So long for now; hopefully it will not be another 9 months until I write again!