Friday, October 02, 2009

The Value of Patience

I hate waiting. I can't really say I "have" patience, more that circumstances force me to.

A couple of months ago, I had the idea for a big project. I'm not going to reveal too many details as it is a surprise, and it's possible family members will read this! I went to the craft store to buy the supplies for this project, and spent about $200.

Now, really, for what I was getting, and the fact that it covered 6 Xmas pressies, wasn't really TOO bad. I figured it was worth it to pay "a little extra" to insure I got the supplies I wanted.

Well, life intervened, and as I hadn't yet started the project when the [lack of] money storm hit, I ended up returning all of those supplies for the $200. I figured at some point I'd rebuy them, maybe as each thing went on sale.

Since my aunt works at the craft shop, she gave me a fabulous coupon that gets me 30% off of my ENTIRE purchase, not just the usual one regular price item deal. The best part was that this offer was good on sale priced items too, which most of their coupons are not.

All told I ended up rebuying the very same things for the most part, and spent about $80. Less than half of my original expenditure, all for waiting just a couple of months.

I'll call that money in the bank!