Monday, March 22, 2010

Moving Furniture

Dave Barry once wrote a bit about how women have a NEED to move furniture. And that once they decide they are doing it, they can move enormous pieces of furniture they would ordinarily require 3 large moving men to move.

He's right :-)

I was on a mission tonight. I still can't get my living room "right" and so I keep moving things around, adding things, deleting things, etc. Tonight I moved BIG pieces of furniture, however one of them I now can't move anywhere so I guess Mr. Knitty gets to help after all.

My living room is presenting a challenge to me because it has very little wall space. One wall is taken up by a huge window, one wall is broken by the door, and the open doorways to the upstairs and downstairs. One wall is broken by the doorway to the dining room. Which leaves me one solid wall/corner combination.

Usually I move stuff around and then go "I hate it put it all back". Tonight I think I actually like my arrangement for once! I decided to put some thought into what is really functional and what is just taking up space.

Whenever I decide to redecorate, I decide to do it RIGHT NOW and thus I'm limited to the furniture and budget I can acquire within the next 12 hours. I decided tonight to move things around ($0) and see what I like.

I definitely want a new area rug--this one has seen a lot of action and I want something a little brighter. This one won't be leaving, however--it will become my new entryway area rug. Since I've decided I don't need an ENORMOUS rug after all, my options are very open--I can splurge on that cool hot pink one at Ikea (I might) or there's actually one at the dreaded Fart Mart that was really pretty for less than half.

There might be a few new lamps in my future, but all in all I think I've done a good job here tonight. Now I just need to find a home for all the stuff I just displaced :-)