Monday, January 29, 2007


Forgive me, dear readers, as it has been...what....almost a month since an update?

I have had little time for crafts as shopping for baby things, cleaning out the craft room for a nursery, and shopping for a new car after Mr. Knittykat totaled his (he is fine) have eclipsed my free time.

Baby News: According to www.babycenter.com my baby is about the size of a lime. I, on the other hand, am another story :-) I have been in maternity clothes since right before Christmas! I can't say I mind; in fact I feel really cute and pretty. I go to the doc again later this week so perhaps more updates then.

Craft Room: I am in the process of cleaning out the craft room and consolidating guest room and craft room in order to open up a room for a nursery. I have been making good progress. Once I finally sat down to go through stuff I was able to purge a lot, rehome a lot, and compactly reorganize the rest so that my new consolidated room is actually neater and more pleasant than the TWO rooms used to be.

Car: Fortunately it was the car we were planning on replacing soon anyway. And fortunately everyone was all right (except for the car). And fortunately the collision insurance paid us many times more than we would have been able to sell or trade in the car for, and so we had a boosted down payment to make on the new vehicle.

If I had any crafts, I'd show 'em to you, but for now you just get this pic of me & the knittykitten :-)

Friday, January 05, 2007

My Other Secret Project

10 weeks, 2 days
Due August 1, 2007
About an inch and a half long.