Monday, November 19, 2007


Can it actually be *2* months since I posted? Updates...updates all around.

Doing great and growing like a little weed :-) She likes to sit in mama's lap in restaurants and check out the food on mama's plate. She tried to snag an eggroll; resulting in one of my favorite pictures to date. She also looks at the pictures in my photo album and scrapbooks. She just had her first overnight with Grandma & Grandpa last weekend...such a big girl! She and I are having fun going out and about. I put her in her car seat and ask her "Are you ready to roll?" We pack all her stuff; stroller, seat, diaper bag, plus all mama's stuff in my little VW Bug and off we go :-)

We are planning a trip downtown to take her to the American Girl store to buy her a Christmas doll. I can't wait!

General Crafts:
I've been having fun fitting in craft time when I can. In the mornings I put Maggie in her little bouncy seat and I work on my beads and have my coffee while we chat and go over our plans for the day. When she is watching her toys on her play gym I work on my scrapbook or my photo albums, then we look over the pictures together. I can't wait to introduce her to doing crafts so we can do them together for real!

I've violated my 2-project rule. But it's okay. I now have a project in each room where I usually sit & work, and so I have something to work on no matter where I sit. I am only working on 2 main projects; the other ones are easy little projects to work on while Maggie plays or while we watch TV.

Secret Project: I can't reveal details about this one! It is a gift for a very dear friend and you will all get to see it when it is finished.

Cinxia Sweater: From Knitty. I just began it last Thursday. I had 1,000 precious yards of Mountain Colors Twizzle for a sweater, and the problem was finding a sweater that used only 1,000 yards. I finally found one and so far I am really liking the textured pattern at the bottom.

Harmony Pullover: For my Maggie. I got the pattern out of an issue of Knit 'n' Style from last year. The part that is taking the longest readjusting the pattern to make a smaller size, as the sizing begins at 2T and she's not quite there yet. I've finished the back and begun the front and I only started it Saturday morning!

ZigZag Afghan: I'm just working on this to use up old acrylic yarn. But I'm really really liking how it's turning out so it may get to be a Christmas present. It's very pleasant and easy to work on, but the best part, I must admit, is watching the volume of my stash go down!

Love to all and pictures next time--the only ones I have with me are old!